Accounting & Payroll

We handle all the administrative things which could waste your precious time: accounts payable, payroll and more.

Facilities Maintenance

We have spent substantial time, effort, and money to develop world-class processes for facilities maintenance.

Insurance Billing

We provide quick turnaround times in Insurance claims, payments, approvals and handling denials. Better liquidity for your practice.


Building brand awareness, engaging with existing patients and reaching out to communities using new methods is what our expertise is in and we’ll use this to also increase patient retention and satisfaction.

Operations Management

Customer service and non-clinical processes can take up a lot of your precious time. We can handle it for you and provide regular training for your staff.


We work with the best vendors for all kinds of supplies and get it at great rates. This means no uncertainty on quality & more cost savings for you

Call Center Support

A centralized customer service team can provide telephonic assistance & build a knowledge base regarding what your patients think about your practice. Service delivery to patients becomes better and patients see your practice responding, adapting and attending to their ever-changing needs at a fast pace. Emergency support and after-hours assistance makes your practice available to your patients 24x7.